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Just $29.95 / Month
Flat-Rate Monthly Price

  • Month To Month
  • No Long Term Contract
  • No Hardware or Software To Install or Purchase
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Better Than Mobile
Single-One vs. Cell Phone

See for yourself the many benefits of using our One-Number solution vs. using your cell phone as your "one number".

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Fax To EMail
Reinventing Fax Technology

Converts any document faxed to you into a high-quality image sent to your e-mail account.
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From One-Number Solution clients

“My One-Number has simplified my life in countless ways.  With it truly being only one number I can offer it to family, friends and clients without ever interrupting my privacy regardless of the circumstances. The assurance I have in receiving all of my correspondence relieves a significant amount of stress and increases my quality of life and my productivity." - Charlotte


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A Few Words From Our Managing Partner
My name is Bill Kirk and I encourage you to step up to our One-Number solution today!

IMAGINE the effectiveness of promoting a SINGLE phone number for ALL your communications—work/cell/home/fax/and voicemail. IMAGINE the CONTROL of being able to direct your calls to WHEREVER you are, know who’s calling BEFORE you are connected so you can prioritize your calls by accepting “live” or discreetly send to voicemail. IMAGINE the privacy of NEVER again having to give out your schedule, location or personal contact numbers. Receive faxes directly into your email where they are private/confidential and available to you from home/work/or on the road. Manage ONE voicemail system. Call 330-237-1111 to sign up today.